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Ketki conducts Talks, Workshops and Seminars for various organizations.

Customized talks/ workshops for corporate/ organizational needs or for groups & individuals.


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Regaining Your Cool - Stress Management Naturally - 3 hour workshop

Have you ever felt so harried by the numerous things that scream for your attention that you simply want to stick your head in the sand? For many of us, life is speeding up and there are just not enough hours in the day. In trying to accomplish so much , our ability to effectively deal with stress is the key to productivity , healthy relationships at work and home and help us get to where we want to be.

Stress affects us on multiple levels - emotionally, physically and mentally. This 3 hour workshop helps us to understand the stress response in our body, how it impacts us at various levels and our health. She will then share ideas on how to tackle stress via nutritional , diet, natural remedies, techniques including a unique DIY hands on technique based on meridian points.

* Optional : A healthy meal that supports the stress response


Ketki ran a very well received program at our annual SingTel Learning Fiesta this year called " Managing Your Cool- Naturally". More than 100 people in NCS, and more at Singtel, enjoyed the interesting session, learning how to use natural elements to enhance their well-being. We appreciate her enthusiastic support of our program- 18 Nov 2011

Eric Phan, Senior Manager, Learning & Organization Development.

NCS Pte Ltd


Iridology Workshop- 3 hour fun filled hands on workshop

Eyes are window to the soul & Eyes are window to your health!

Are you feeling fatigued, have bad digestion, don't feel at your best? We will talk about what your irises have to say about you and your health. You will have a hands on opportunity to do an iris assessment on yourself, and others with permission. This workshop is ideal for anyone interested in health and wellness.

Iridology - the study of the iris of the eyes can help reveal strengths and weaknesses as well as changing conditions in the body. Come join us in a fun filled 3 hour workshop and learn few basics of Iridology with ketki.

* Optional : A nutritious healthy tasty meal


Health Wellnes Talks 1-1.5 hour

We have numerous interesting topics  that also can be customised to fit the client’s needs.
Talks and workshops are available for:

  • For individuals & groups
  • For Special Dietary and Health conditions
  • Corporate and Wellness Programs

- To educate and share information about health

- To address these health challenges via holistic perspective

- To achieve optimum health and wellness via natural approach

- Various topics available /customized topics - pls call/email

Integrated & Holistic Wellness Programme for Your Company-

Teambuilding sessions based on health and wellness theme

Group / Individual Health Consults

Managers & Executives Health Programme

Wellness Column-

for Your Organization newsletter that can reach your staff

Q&A columns

Health & Wellness Talks on various topics

- cum cooking demo (optional).


Nutrition 101- 8 lesson/session basic nutritional course :

8 Session of basic nutritional course that digest the various confusing information out there and empowers you to a better understanding to nutritional concepts that encompass a wholistic approach to health. It helps you to lead a healthy life, to select the right meals that helps you and your family .

* Optional : A nutritious healthy tasty meal at the end of every lesson


































































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