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Nutrition is a very important foundation for good health.

Nutrition - What we eat impacts every cell in our body - you are what you eat.

A poor diet stops the body from functioning well and a build-up of toxins can contribute to a range of illnesses. A porr diet also contributes to weight gain and other illnesses.

Nutrition is the backbone of Natural Medicine. By changing our diets and adopting a healthy lifestyle, we can often change or reverse the course of an illness and restore health.

Nutrition emphasizes consumption of whole, fresh and unprocessed food and if possible organic foods as medicine – as it is an  integral tenet of healing. Diet and nutrition influences every part of our being, hence its extreme importance in our lives.

Foods have a positive and negative impact on our health. One way food can have a negative impact on the body is from food sensitivities (also known as food intolerances), which are often incorrectly referred to as food allergies.

Weight loss has become a very important need for many people today . Our lifestyle, and the food choices we make has seen an increase in obesity worldwide. Obesity is a contributing factor to many serious illnesses.

Weight loss is not achieved through crash diets few months of restricted diet. It is a lifestyle approach that requires one to nourish the body through positive dietary habits along with exercise to achieve a certain weight loss that can be maintained over long period of time.

At Natural Medicine, we help you achieve weight loss thruogh choosing foods that will strengthen and restore vitality and help achieve weight loss.

The benefits of optimum nutrition are resistance to illness, infection and degenerative diseases. Using food and nutrition as Natural Medicine is the simplest way to rebalance your body, mind and soul.

A Nutritional Consultation evaluates a person’s nutritional needs through a thorough nutritional assessment based on current lifestyle and eating habits.

Each person has different nutritional needs and a customized unique plan for each patient is developed. Supplements may be recommended to augment healing especially if a patient’s lifestyle is such that he/she doesn’t get enough from their diet.


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