Alternative Natural Medicine

How a Naturopath Works

Identify the cause:

Instead of treating symptoms, Naturopaths seek to identify and treat the underlying cause. Symptoms are not the cause of illness-they simply indicate that your body is out of balance. For instance, 2 patients may manifest similar symptoms yet the root causes could be different as such the approach to treatment of both patients will be different.

Through careful case taking a Naturopath will be able to determine an individualized treatment protocol for each patient. By identifying and addressing the cause, the symptoms can be relieved rather than suppressed.

Naturopathy looks at the need to cleanse and detoxify before we think of rebuilding the body with diet and supplements. Particular emphasis is placed on re-hydrating the body especially since it is over 70% water. It is only when we are free of toxins that we are able to respond to the healing process. Thus detox plays an integral part in the treatment.

Naturopaths place great emphasis on preventive care through alternative approach. Naturopaths assess your risk factors and make suggestions that will support your good health.

Treatment can be via Herbs, Supplements, Homeopathy, Nutritional and lifestyle changes as well as identifying emotional stressors in life that affect health and taking active steps to deal with it. As such the treatment strategy is holistic – addressing the physical as well as emotional symptoms.



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