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Iridology is the study of the iris analysis as a diagnostic tool. The human iris and pupil - the eye-is one of the most intricate structures in nature and is one of the most visible parts. The iris has thousands of nerve endings which are connected to the brain via the hypothalamus.

An ophthalmoscope or an iris camera is used to analyze the iris’ structures to determine the health of the whole body. Iridologists would observe details-iris patterns, colors, and other characteristics. For instance, various marks, signs, and discoloration in the iris may reveal inherited weaknesses and strengths.

These observations would then be matched to the iris charts which divide the iris into zones. These zones correspond to specific parts of the human body. Details in the iris reflect changes in the tissues of the corresponding body organs.

The study would reveal genetic strengths and weaknesses, levels of inflammation and toxicity, the efficiency of the eliminative organs all build up a picture of both current health status and predispositions. As bodily tissues become inflamed or congested, the iris registers the processes, enabling the Iridologist to determine the root cause of current disorders.

Iridology cannot detect a specific disease but it can tell an individual if specific areas of the body are not in optimal health. It is thus a natural diagnostic tool to indicate strengths and potential weaknesses, and thereby being able to take preventative steps to improve their health via natural medicine.


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