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Naturopathy maintains that the body can heal itself if given the right circumstances and conditions. It uses a range of treatments to stimulate the body’s own healing powers (‘vital force’).

Naturopathy is one of the alternative complementary medicine approach that includes treatment based on Nutrition, Dietetics, Herbal Medicine and Homoeopathy.

Naturopathy has a strong focus on the prevention of health problems and the early detection of a person’s likelihood of developing a health disorder. Mental, physical, spiritual and environmental factors each play a role. Naturopaths take all of these factors into consideration when developing treatment. It is an alternative treatment to achieving holistic health.

Traditionally, Naturopathy focuses on gentle, non-invasive therapies that enhance the healing process. Naturopathy is also very effective at treating acute and chronic health issues.

A fundamental mainstay of therapy is nutritional therapy and diet. Without proper nutrition and diet, healing is a challenge.

 Naturopathy aims to:

  • Minimise acute symptoms
  • Support the body’s vital force (capacity to self-heal)
  • Re-balance the system so that illness is less likely to occur in the future
  • Educate the patient to look after their own health and the health of their family.


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Ketki has been treating patients with all sorts of ailments and conditions ranging from normal cold, flu to severe and chronic conditions including cancer support. She has a special interest in Women’s Wellness.




"Thank you very much for relieving my distress and giving me advice on how to deal with the source of my condition so that I have control over my health on a long term basis and enjoy a full and active life. ....."



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